Harare East is made up of ward 8, 9 and 46 which include Chisipite, Highlands, Newlands, Ballantyne Park, Gletwin, Colne Valley, Mandara, parts of Msasa, Donnybrook, and old Tafara and new Mabvuku. These are areas that are generally perceived to be inhabited by the rich and powerful, and in this nation where most political parties claim they are pro-poor, these areas have been largely neglected. They forget that the Constitution of Zimbabwe assures the affluent rights too. Since 2000, big political parties have won the constituency and disappeared into the thin air, leaving the Harare East constituents to fend for themselves, sourcing their own water, repairing their own roads, generating their own power; only for the parties to resurface at election time. This time, in 2018, all this can change, and that’s where Garikai Mlambo comes in.

The Candidate. 

Garikai Mlambo is a 35-year-old man. Married to one wife Violet and blessed with three boys. He is a young entrepreneur who holds a Bachelor degree in Supply Chain Management and a Master of Business Administration degree. He is currently studying towards a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree with University of South Africa. Garikai is an everyday Zimbabwean, within the reach of everyday Harare East constituents. He is not too big, too busy, too rich, or too high for the everyday people to access and engage. He has no political party to hide behind but offers himself, his ideas and results as measures of his commitment to the people of Harare East. He offers himself to be measured on real work done, should they entrust the constituency with him.


To pioneer development in the constituency through stakeholder engagement and bring it back to sanity.


To be a servant of the people where we uphold the standards and even surpass the target as enshrined in the constitution and respect the ethos of the social contract.

The election pledge.

To achieve the above stated vision and mission statement. I undertake to work and improve on the following areas. Our key focus will be on the following


Service Delivery

Voice of the people


1. Legislation

The primary mandate for any elected member of parliament is to craft legislation. In this regard, the candidate pledges to attend all the meetings where possible and to advance the interests of the people of Harare East in the crafting of such legislation.  The aspiring candidate wishes to advance the self reliance of the community that i represent. I will strongly advocate for devolution when i get to parliament which promotes more autonomy to communities so that there is no bureaucracy and redtape from central government. Communities remain marginalized due to the ineffectiveness of the current structure of governance.

2. Service delivery

I will take it upon myself to make sure that the issue of service delivery is improved where ever it is lacking. The following areas are key to my pledge on service delivery.

a)    Water

Water is a fundamental right. It is one of the basic needs for every human being. Unfortunately, water has become a precious mineral in Harare East constituency. It is rare to find and people have been using alternative means for a long time yet the infrastructure for the same is available. City Council taps have been dry for more than a decade in most areas in the constituency. Residents resorted to sinking their own boreholes or would buy water.  We will introduce measures to engage the responsible authorities and come up with an amicable solution to the water crisis. Once I am chosen to serve, I will make it a number one priority. The solution leans on having water from city of Harare or alternatively, subject to the necessary approvals, drill community boreholes powered by solar or electricity and pump to reservoir tanks. We will make allocation of tanks in each area. A distribution map will come in handy and use the already existing infrastructure. The will enable the residents to have water running through their taps again. In order for us to achieve this, we will get contribution from those who are willing and set out a trust fund account which be used to maintain the boreholes.

3. Voice of the people, proper representation

If elected, I will be available to listen to the people as a servant and execute whatever is required and make sure everyone will be served. The will of the people comes first and everything else becomes secondary.  I will have a hotline and create a chat group where everything is discussed, and solutions proffered where possible. It will work also as a feedback hub on any pending or completed project. People will also share on areas they feel are of importance and have to be attended.

a)    Refuse collection.

This is another area which have improved a bit. We will ensure the local authorities are kept under pressure to perform.

Power is a national tragedy. However, where possible, we can engage the responsible authorities to make sure that distribution remains balanced.

4. Infrastructure

This area will cover road network, clinics and street lighting

a)      Road network

Most roads were neglected, however, the most inspiring thing right now is that City of Harare has managed to resurface some roads. Its highly commendable. We will however see to it that maintenance will be consistently available to avoid potholes in the near future.

b)      The Street lights

It is one area that is completely neglected. I pledge to engage the responsible authorities to have a lasting solution on the same. This is important for people’s safety. People need to feel safe in their surroundings. Solar lights can be an option.

c)      Clinics

The clinics are readily available. The biggest challenge they are facing are, under staffing and medication. Once again we will engage the responsible authorities to come with some a long lasting solution that will mitigate the challenges.

d)      Women

There is need to increase maternity wards in the constituency. 

Youth development

The unemployment rate in our country is very high at the moment even though the official statistical figures says otherwise. This is a reality, youth are unemployed and they are left vulnerable. Some end up engaging in dangerous drugs and some even stealing. Creating employment is not an easy task. The government will have to come up with policies that enhance and attract investments. This is a long term plan.

Meanwhile, I will appeal to various stakeholders, donors and individuals who can assist in Activities such as Talent search in various disciplines. This can be done annually, or bi annually.  In this regard, youth will compete in various activities such as soccer, music and many other discipline. The first of such competition will be soccer. A tournament will be arranged and we will engage the authorities to send their representatives for talent scouting. They will be charged no fees for that. It will ideally create a win-win situation as they will benefit from untapped talent at no cost.

As an incentive to the tournament, there will be a prize for the ultimate winner. 

Trust fund

I intend to open a trust fund for the constituency where money for identified projects will be deposited. All people who wish to contribute, donate towards certain causes, the funds will be held in a trust account. Senior elders will be selected to be trustees. In this regard, the community will be able to identify a need, it could be water, we post it to our website before and the estimated value. The completed project photos and videos will be uploaded with the actual value. This will increase accountability. More so, the fund will be audited as well.

To achieve the above,

I promise to ENGAGE, and ENGAGE, from the community, to responsible authorities and all stakeholders. Thus, ENGAGE with all stakeholders. Harare East, it is time for us to do something meaningful towards development! Together we can make better communities. Together we can!

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