Harare East

Harare East is made up of ward 8, 9 and 46 which include Chisipite, Highlands, Newlands, Ballantyne Park, Gletwin, Colne Valley, Mandara, parts of Msasa, Donnybrook, and old Tafara and new Mabvuku. These are areas that are generally perceived to be inhabited by the rich and powerful, and in this nation where most political parties claim they are pro-poor, these areas have been largely neglected. They forget that the Constitution of Zimbabwe assures the affluent rights too. Since 2000, big political parties have won the constituency and disappeared into the thin air, leaving the Harare East constituents to fend for themselves, sourcing their own water, repairing their own roads, generating their own power; only for the parties to resurface at election time. This time, in 2018, all this can change, and that’s where Garikai Mlambo comes in.

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